Countdown to first day of early voting for the primary

Election day for the primary is June 26, which is 2-weeks after school ends and when many voters are on vacation.  Plan ahead now so that your voice is heard! 

Tuesday, June 5 (9 pm):

Deadline to register to vote or to change party affiliation (for example, from Independent to Democrat or Republican so you can vote in the primary) (click here to do this on online)

Tuesday, June 19 (8 pm)

Vote by Mail: Deadline to request ballot to vote by mail  — go online to request that the ballot be mailed to you (Note:  The State confusingly calls voting by mail an “absentee ballot”  but it has nothing to do with being “absent.”) (click here to make an online request so you can vote by mail)

Thursday, June 14 (10:00 am) to Thursday, June 21 (8:00 pm):

Early Voting at specified locations (click this link for early voting locations)

Tuesday, June 26

(7 am – 9 pm):

Primary Election Day

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