Here are District 1 Neighbors endorsed candidates:

  • District 1 County Council:  Meredith Wellington

Who is D1N endorsing for County Council District 1?

Meredith Wellington


Why are we endorsing Meredith Wellington for County Council District 1?

●      Experience: Meredith Wellington has the experience and depth of knowledge to bring development and infrastructure into balance in our County, including working eight years on the Planning Board, six years on the board of the Montgomery Parks Foundation, and almost a decade as staff attorney at the National Labor Relations Board.

●      Track record of working to improve the quality of life of residents: With respect to the County’s planning process, Meredith Wellington has done the most among District 1 candidates to advance community interests and improve the quality of life of the people who live in Montgomery County.   She successfully protected open space and parkland throughout the county- in the Agricultural Reserve, White Flint, and down county in Bethesda, Westbard and Friendship Heights. She has fought for and won community centers throughout District 1. She has also helped educate residents about the planning process and zoning code and, in recent years, provided expert input to two major planning projects, including the Bethesda Downtown Plan and the Westbard Sector Plan. 

●      Budget: Meredith will be a responsible steward of the County’s finances, working for you. She also understands the County’s $120,000,000 budget shortfall – which our current officials didn’t anticipate – cannot be solved with “politics as usual”.   She advocates stopping the giveaways and the special projects that are currently the norm. She promotes a top to bottom review of the County budget, so we can plan for what we really need.

●      Economic development: Meredith Wellington thinks forward about economic development, believing a 21st Century economy requires 21st Century job creation.   She offers clear, specific and pragmatic ideas to move the County forward and grow the local economy by creating an improved environment for businesses and job creation, supporting small business expansion, streamlining permitting requirements, improving planning and land use decisions through better transparency and community engagement, and by encouraging strategic investments in emerging technologies, bio-health companies, and entrepreneurs in food, service and other industries.

●      Integrity/Accountability:

○      Meredith Wellington rejects campaign contributions from developers’ interests.

○      Meredith Wellington responded to the D1N questionnaire and can be held accountable for her answers. Two of the remaining candidates failed to provide written answers to the questions in our questionnaire.

What homework did we do before deciding to endorse Meredith Wellington?

Members of the District 1 Neighbors steering committee did the following:

●      Organized and held a public forum and invited each of the District 1 candidates to speak.

●      Sent a questionnaire to each of the District 1 candidates — and reviewed responses that were received.

●      Interviewed each of the candidates. A few candidates were interviewed more than once.

●      Reviewed additional information on candidates, including information on campaign funding, supporters, and newspaper reports.

●      As a group discussed each of the candidates and engaged in rigorous debate about candidates before reaching an endorsement decision.