District 1 Neighbors was formed to represent the interests of thousands of Montgomery County residents who value balancing growth and infrastructure in ways that make Montgomery County a great place for both residents and employers. The coalition seeks to elect local officials who will:

  • Effectively address concerns about growth and urbanization that outpaces county infrastructure, services, and amenities (i.e., transportation, schools, parks, open space)
  • Effectively address concerns about economic development and support business growth¬†that adds¬†jobs to the local economy
  • Effectively address affordable housing; and
  • Effectively address tax revenue shortfalls, control expense and debt, measure performance, and negotiate effectively with developers, workers, and State Government.

About Us

We just started and hope to grow!

Damian Whitham

Celia Martin

Katya Marin

Brian Krantz

Brent Mickum

Leanne Tobias