If you scroll down, we provide help on four important topics — but first: Click here so we can send you voting information and reminders!

– Voter registration (Hint:  If you’ve registered as an “Independent,” you’ve partially disenfranchised yourself — we explain below how you can fix that online)

Voting by mail (Hint: You can fill out your ballot while you are in your pajamas sipping your morning coffee — how cool is that! … we explain below how you can do that)

Early voting dates and locations and the date of the primary election — see details below

Change your voter registration (on or before June 5th at 9 pm) (If you are registered as an “Independent” you have no voice whatsoever in the primary — arguably, in some respects Independents are dis-enfranchised in County elections, so Independents may want to register as either a Democrat or Republican so that their voices can be heard — click this link to change registration online)

Not sure how you are registered (Democrat?  Republican?  Independent? ) Click this link and find out in an instant!

Vote by mail request — go online to request that ballot be mailed to you and then vote by mail — click this link to do so (deadlines are: Tuesday, June 19th at 8 pm, if you want to receive your ballot by mail or fax; and Friday, June 22, if you want to download your ballot from the State’s website) (Note: The State confusingly calls voting by mail an “absentee ballot,” but it has nothing to do with being “absent.” You don’t need to be absent or give any excuse for voting by mail — you can vote by mail even if the only reason is that you’re a busy person and it’s more convenient for you)

Early voting center locations (Thursday, June 14 to Thursday, June 21) (click this link for early voting locations)

Primary voting day:  Tuesday, June 26